The Hightowers Anticipate Their Future AIP Needs

Reader Robin Hightower writes:

I am 55 years old and my husband is 56. My 84 year old father lives with us. We just built a home in Pennsylvania. The home has many features which will allow us to remain in it for the remainder of our lives.

Curbless entry or no-step entrance
The entranceway to the Hightower home is curbless or no-step entry. 


Should we need them, we can accommodate caregivers. We installed an elevator shaft for an elevator to the basement (elevator will be installed in a year or two), although all main living will be on the first floor. The showers are walk-in with handheld as well as mounted shower heads and grab bars. The front door, hallways, doorways, and bathrooms can accommodate wheelchairs.


Masterbath with double sinks.

Master Shower

We installed more lighting than anyone should ever need! There are huge windows in every room to combat the winter blues. Radiant floor heating is throughout the home. There are no steps to the front door. I could go on and on! Our builders, who are in their 30’s, were outstanding. I just had to keep telling them to imagine me 30 years older in a wheelchair!

Thanks for sharing your story with us Robin and sending pictures! We hope you’ll send us updates as you get settled into your new home.

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  1. Ruth Fennell

    Congratulations to Robin and her family for being so proactive in their new home! It sounds like they have done a great job of living for today while planning for the future. If only more families AND builders had the foresight to create a home that has form following function, people wouldn’t have to move when their situation changes. She has set a wonderful example of how beautiful, and practical, a home can be when it’s done right! Kudos to Robin and her family!

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