2nd Floor Laundry/Craft Room
  • Front-loading combination washer and dryer with front mounted controls on raised a platform reduces the need for bending and stooping. Single unit eliminates the need to move clothes from washer to dryer.
  • Clothes chute to downstairs laundry room
2nd Floor Master Bath
  • A “three way bathing” space which can be used standing, seated on a bench, or while using a shower chair. This tub includes a soft cushioned surface to improve comfort and safety.
  • A sink counter that can mechanically adjusted to a large range of preferred heights.
  • The bidet fixture provides additional personal hygiene options.
  • A movable screen could provide privacy for toilet but can be moved if clear floor space is needed next to fixture.
  • Layout contains space for furniture options or extra clear floor space.
2nd Floor Compartmentalized Bath
  • Full-length mirrors allow viewing at any height.
  • Tub/shower fixture that is manufactured to be adaptable to a roll-in shower by removing tub portion.
  • Toilet has double doors, one active, one temporarily fixed, which allows space to be opened up if additional maneuvering space around toilet is needed. Change can be temporary as needed, or doors can be removed for long term use.
  • Wall hung lavatory with integral handholds and pipe protection provides support while standing and knee protection if seated.