Universal Design Features & Appliances in the Kitchen
CRDA Universal Design Kitchen - Looking out from dining area
CRDA Universal Design Kitchen -contrasting counter tops
  • At least 3’-4” minimum space in kitchen for maneuvering, including enough floor area to use a mobility device at main sink.
  • Contrasting color border treatment on counter tops. Color or contrast difference allows easy recognition of the edges of counters and the different heights to prevent accidental spills.
  • Stretches of continuous counter tops for easy sliding of heavy items, particularly between refrigerator, sink, and stove top, for easy one-level food flow.
  • Side-by-side refrigerator allows easy reach of otherwise hard-to-get items, particularly if pullout shelving is provided.
  • Under counter drawer type refrigerators to provide additional convenient access to refrigerated storage space.
  • Lever water controls at all plumbing fixtures and faucets can be used with a closed fist or with soapy hands.
  • Glare-free task lighting to illuminate work areas without harsh reflectivity.

    CRDA Kitchen - Adjustable Counter Tops - Lowered
    CRDA Kitchen – Adjustable Counter Tops – Manual
  • Clear knee space under sink (27” high minimum) allows use of the sink from a seated position. This is achieved by means of a variety of adaptable base cabinets, including swinging sliding, fold-back, self-storing cabinet doors, rolling carts, and removable shelves.Pipe protection panels must be provided at sinks to prevent contact with hot or sharp surfaces.
  • Motorized and manually adjustable counter segments and several different fixed height counter top areas give work options for a variety of tasks to people of all heights, those with back trouble, people who are seated, and/or children.
  • Full-extension, pullout drawers, shelves and racks in base cabinets for easy reach to all storage space.
  • Pantry storage with easy access pullout and/or adjustable height shelves for easy reaching of otherwise hard-to get items.
  • Front mounted controls with clear labels that contrast with adjacent surfaces on appliances to facilitate easy use and reach.

    CRDA Universal Design Kitchen - Drawer Style Refrigerator-01
    CRDA Universal Design Kitchen – Drawer Style Refrigerator
  • Built-in wall oven with adjustable counter top and adaptable base cabinet for knee space place beside it and set for one pullout oven rack at conventional counter top.
  • Cook top or range with staggered burners and front mounted controls to eliminate dangerous reaching over hot burners.
  • Drop in cook top with space underneath adaptable to a knee space by removing pullout shelves.
  • Two drawer type dishwasher makes it possible to use one drawer for clean dishes and one for dirty so they do not have to be put away in a cabinet.
  • Dishwasher raised on a platform puts bottom racks within easy reach requiring less bending.
Video tour of the kitchen

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