Universal Design Demonstration Home: Real World

The project team:

Casino Reinvestment Development Authority
Edward W. Gant, Chairman
James B. Kennedy, Executive Director
Adrienne C. Hamilton, Director of Construction
Edward C. Einhaus, Director of Housing Development

Project Concept Development and Universal Design Consulting
The Center for Universal Design
College of Design North Carolina State University
Richard Duncan, Project Director
Rex Pace, Design Director
Sally Haile, Project Associate

Additional Universal Design and Media Consultants
Elinor Ginzler, Manager, Independent Living/Long-Term Care
Scott Melton, Campaign Consultant, Independent Living/Long-Term Care

Senior Housing Consultant
Leon Harper

Design and Construction

Project Architect
Sykes O’Connor Salerno Hazaveh Architects (SOSH)
Thomas J. Sykes, AIA, PP, Principal
Mark Petrella, AIA, Senior Associate

Project Engineer
Adler Engineers, Inc.
Teal Jefferis, Vice-President
Martin W. Irving, Project Manager<

Developer/General Contractor
Procida Realty & Construction Corp.
Mario Procida, President
Richard Jinks, Sr Project Manager

Universal Design Home Docents
Dorothea Meltzer, General Chairman
Shirley Gash, Docent Chair

Landscape Architecture
Natural Learning Initiative
College of Design
North Carolina State University
Robin Moore, Director
Nilda Cosco, Education Specialist
Sarah Little, Graduate Assistant

Universal Design Demonstration Home: Online

AIPatHome.com is grateful to the following people and organizations who helped make this online showcase possible:

  • AARP
  • Scott Melton
  • SOSH Architects
  • Mark Petrella
  • Shirley Gash