Universal Design Bathroom Features
  • Grab bars match décor colors to enhance a homelike feel.
  • Adequate maneuvering space: 60” diameter turning space in each room and 30” x 48” clear floor spaces at each fixture.
  • Clear space (3’) in front of toilets allows for easy maneuvering.
  • Each toilet is centered 18” from a side wall so that grab bars can be within easy reach.
  • Broad blocking in walls around toilet, tub, and shower allows for future placement and relocation of grab bars, while assuring adequate load-bearing and eliminates the need to open up walls to add blocking later.
  • Knee space under lavatory allows seated use of lavatory. Several methods are used to provide knee space, including open knee space without a vanity cabinet, or adaptable solutions such as fold-back or self-storing doors. Pipe protection is provided to prevent contact with hot or sharp surfaces.
  • Mirrors are placed to allow appropriate viewing from any height.
Fixture Controls
  • Offset controls in tub/shower, with adjacent clear floor space, allows for easy access from outside the tub.
  • Single-lever, or other easy to use water controls, at all plumbing fixtures and faucets provides for use by those with limited hand strength or those with soapy hands.
  • Mix valves with pressure balancing and hot water limiter prevents scalding those who cannot move out of the way if water temperature and/or pressure changes suddenly.