• Accessible parking spaces connect to convenient routes of travel. The accessible parking spaces have an access aisle to help people who use mobility devices in enter and exit their vehicles. Some spaces accommodate larger van lifts.
  • Safe gently sloping walks at 1:20 maximum slope to provide a stepless route from parking to house and through site.
  • Benches for resting along route with places to park strollers and mobility devices such as wheelchairs and scooters.
  • The Healing Garden is universally designed to accommodate the needs of users of all ages and abilities.
Stepless Entrance
  • The deck is level with the house floor, making it possible for everyone to enter the house easily.
  • A one-half inch maximum rise at entrance thresholds is easier for rolling and prevents tripping.
  • Door sidelights allow a view of visitors for all, including children and seated users.
  • The porch roof provides weather protection while unlocking and opening doors.
  • A 5’ x 5’ level clear space inside and outside of entry door makes it possible to maneuver while opening or closing door.
  • General illumination at entry doors for seeing visitors at night.
  • The front door features an extra hinged leaf that can be opened for moving larger items.
Kitchen Entrance
  • A vertical platform lift offers another accessible route into the house, a good alternative for those with low stamina or carrying/pushing heavy loads.
  • A power door operator has been installed to ease passage for those who can’t easily operate standard door hardware