Interior Circulation
  • One bedroom and an accessible bathroom are located on the entry level along with other major living spaces, making stair climbing less necessary.
  • A 32” clear opening door width (using 36” wide doors) for all doorways makes  maneuvering easier for those with equipment (carriages, strollers, walkers, wheelchairs and movers.
  • Doors have easy-to-use lever handles.
  • Clear floor space (18” minimum) beside door on pull side at latch jamb provides space to move out of the way of the door swing when pulling it open.
  • Circulation route (42” recommended minimum width) provides maneuvering room in the hallways and archways.
  • Turning space in all rooms (5’ diameter) enhances usability and safety.
Vertical Circulation
  • A residential elevator provides easy access to the second floor. A less expensive alternative in new home planning would be to provide stacked closets for later installation of an elevator, if needed.
  • The stairway includes several features to improve safety and to assist those with balance or vision difficulties.Handrails extend horizontally beyond top and bottom risers and are mounted on both sides of stairs. Treads and risers visually contrast with one another and have additional lighting.